Dear Prayer Circle Visitors,

At the end of July, the New Orleans and Missouri provinces will be uniting to form a new Central and Southern Province. The new province will have a redesigned website which means that the Jesuit Prayer Circle will move to the new site. You may choose to post your prayer there now if you wish. If so, this is the link

Please join us in praying for the intentions posted here. You are also encouraged to post your own personal prayer intentions so that all of us can support you in prayer. In addition to your prayer request being posted on this website, your intention will also be transferred electronically to the Jesuit Community at St. Charles College in Grand Coteau, Louisiana. During their times of prayer and at their daily liturgical celebration of the Eucharist, the priests and brothers will pray for the intentions of those who make requests through this website. We thank them on your behalf. Please remember these Jesuits in your prayers also.

Please note: All prayer requests are checked before they will appear on this site. This takes one or two days.

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Name Location Prayer Intention
Linda Usa Daughter
Patricia USA renewal of relationship
joseph Philippines peace and harmony
Saju Qatar For a job
Chellappa India Healing
Mike New Orleans Prayer for Richard
Chukwuemeka Nigeria Healing
julian mumbai, india deliverance healing protection n blessing
Christine USA Miracles
Mike France vocation to marriage
Eliz CA Restoration
Lizzie CA Restoration
Abid sialkot Business
Chandrika India Total Deliverance
Michael Arkansas Healing
Linda Usa Daughter struggling
Gaynel Louisiana Special Thanks
Tess Ohio Gratitude
S NJ Prayer for our family
Maria USA Healing
Jocelle Philippines comfort during sickness
R Croatia Healing
Tess Ohio Employment
keith oceanside california son needs job
Lynne Louisiana Safe keeping
Ann Queensbury, NY, USA Healing
Ann Queensbury,NY USA Healing
cindy usa paul
lileeth Goose Creek SC College student
Richee Atlanta, Ga Healing and Recovery
Claudette Dominica Safe deliverry
Claudette Dominica Family
Emmeline Australia Academics
Shelly usa healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
janeferrao dubai family
Donna New York, NY Healing
Edward New York, NY Healing
Michelle usa job
Ryan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Eternal Peace with the Lord
J USA Love
Julian mumbai india deliverance healing protection n blessing
Agnelo India Spritual graces
Eero Finland More belief
lileeth Goose Creek SC Healing
Alfred United States God Bless Eric
Richee Sunrise, Fl Financial Blessing
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Marlen Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Marlen Intentions
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Mary NY Healings
Mel Canada Job security
erin USA For my relationship with Pete
Ursula UK Son urgently needs work
lileeth Goose Creek SC Financial Help
lileeth Goose Creek SC Urgent intervention
Cindy ALVAREZ El PASO Repose
Stephen UK Healing a broken marriage
Florence Pennsylvania USA Healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
CC Eire Exams
Stephanie Broomfield, CO PRAYER
Peggy U.S.A. Marriage Restoration
SA India Diagnosed with ALS
Payal India Need a miracle to save my marriage
karen India please help me
connie louisiana Save my marriage
Gaynel Louisiana Special Thanks
Gaynel Louisiana Health
Leti Ontario Job searches and pay bills
Gaynel Louisiana Son
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Gaynel Louisiana Health
karen India let him not leave let us start talking
JIM USA healing
MaryBeth Boston Ma Homeless
Alfred Maine, USA God Bless Eric
James California Save my marriage
melissa Gowanda NY make my relationship strong again
Marlen Dominican Republic Marlen Rodriguez and Family
Debra United States Ancesteral family healing
Debra United States Return of sons to Catholic Church
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Felix Kilifi, Kenya finances
therese ca health
Paulina Columbia New beginnings
jennifer USA deliverance
Samantha usa healing
karen India restoration of relationship
Teresa ohio AMDG
A Philippines HEALING
Jim USA For Struggles
barbara denver URGENT
shelly co Protection and healing
Samantha usa face mimick
Michelle US finances
s usa career please
Sue USA health
Julian mumbai india deliverance healing porotection n blessing of alr
Lin Hawaii Recovery
Lin Hawaii New beginning
Michelle USA hospital stay
lileeth Goose Creek SC Healing of Medical Condition
lileeth Goose Creek SC Healing for grandaughter
lileeth USA Healing of cancer
Philip Andrew Peter Singapore Urgent Prayer Request
Julian mumbai india healing protectgion N blessing of son Alroyd
antonella italia physical and spiritual healing
lucille Philippines prayer for healing
Gaynel Louisiana Baby and Job
Gaynel Louisiana Business Sales
Monica Knoxville, TN Healing
Mary NY Healings
Michelle usa healing
Simmi India Health
Sue USA healing
ap India need money
zoe usa help me get clean
Lin Usa Family
mamta India please pray for my broken love
Chris Minnesota Holy Matrimiony
betina buenos aires healing
Christie United States Healing
prashant India healing dental problem
Bob Iowa Special Intentions
Timea Serbia Emotional healing
Romona Houston, Tx Radiation
Maria Philippines Miracle Prayer of Healing from cancer
Lin USA Recovery
Jeanne USA Forgiveness
John USA Healing
Lillian Canada Keep the faith
Lillian Canada For disernment
Lin Usa Healing
Janet new york healing of my son
Louise Sarasota Relief from financial burden
Michael Arkansas Healing
cindy ohio my family
Viv Netherlands Abundance
Michelle USA black mold problem
Vincent New Orleans For my friend
rosemary long island , ny healing
Anne Detroit Sick
Denzel Warren , ohio usa Healing and a good dr report for my gf dad
Roger Sterling Hgts., MI Prayer Circle
Dee USA Prayers needed for Joe and his Children
I Believe USA For my son
Gaynel Louisiana Career Path
shelly littleton co St Frances Cabrini parishioners
Joan C. Queensland, Australia Healing
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Ingrid Maryland Broken Marriage
Sharon Malaysia Prayer of healing and protection for my cousin
Sandra Houma, USA Healing
Marius Germany Healing from Depersonalisation
Michelle USA healing
lileeth goose creek HELP
lileeth goose creek homelessness
Jessica USA The Miraculous Prayer
Liz USA Restoration
Elizabeth USA Restoration
Claret India Urgent pray for my Mom and also for my wife
liz USA Restoration
David Carthew Holywell,Uk happy death
michelle ohio, usa healing of physical problems
Judy Schilling Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky Complete healing from cancer
mom California Help son be a good dad
mom California a job for my son
Marion Charlotte,NC small cell lung cancer
caroline Ireland my teeth
Diane Texas, USA Healing prayers
Jeremy USA For God to bring my future wife into my life soon
april Germany Pregnancy
Wendy Wright Port Lambton Ontario Canada pray for my husband
Lileeth usa Pray for Lindsey Kerr
Lileeth usa Prayer for Desmond Kerr
kuriakose uae job security
Brian Colorado Pray For Me
A Usa Urgent please pray
tess ohio healing and employment
Richson Ruth South Africa MY TESTIMONY
A wife Alexandria va a Healing for our marriage
swapan Tezpur ,india debt crisis
Gaynel Louisiana Health Problems
Leonora Vancouver Canada Healing
Stacy Katy Tx Marriage and family restoration prayer request
Rhonda United States Training
pirfa kumbin jos, Nigeria prayer for a job
Vickie USA healing
Gaynel Louisiana Pregnancy
maryann RI Prayers are needed
Shannon and Dick usa A Prayer for Healing
dev jose Germany restore a relation
Lileeth usa my daughter and grand daughters
Lileeth usa my disability
Leti Brigitte Canada Job search
Donna USA Miracle
Rachna India Depression and Salvation
Richard Olympia, WA Exoneration
Richard Olympia, WA Protection and reuniting with my daughter
Beverley Ward UK Employment
Brother Kaizen Australia Healing
Christine Savannah, GA Aunt in ICU
musonda mutale zambia choma finding a job
Gaynel Louisiana Litigation
lenore browns mills nj better work relations
Karen Canada Financial Help
Olivia PA Renewal of Current Home Insurance
S india Visa and Healing
neelam india healing
Richee Florida Protection of Marriage
Michael Arkansas Healing
shelly USA Protection and healing
Romona Texas Surgery
Mike PA healing
Tim Lithuania Please pray
Marla CA my brother
Anonymous USA Karen
Edward California Rest in Peace
el connecticut healthy normal pregancy and live birth
Gaynel Louisiana Special Thanks
Gaynel Louisiana Property Release
Mary Anne IL Saving Our Marriage
JoAnn USA family healing
KAREN pune india pray that i get the job
SR NJ Having a baby
Robin lawtey, fl, US President Obama
Christina Shawnee, KS Sons
Edward California Cure
shelly colorado USA Protection and healing
sony india financial blessings
judith AZ, USA Health and Healing
Timothy Las Vegas Assist with healing
Megan PA need help
Shi Jie Singapore my health
Liiann USA Pray for Sherri Jenkins West
Michael Arkansas Healing
Gaynel Louisiana Acquisition
Gaynel Louisiana Special Thanks
Mary Anne USA Saving Our Marriage
Ayaz Australia Liver Cancer
Agnelo India Physical healing
Malno Belgium Strenght in love
John Gautier, Ms Healing and Guidance
Ashley San Francisco, CA Healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
Sylvia Philippines Garrick David
Gail Brooklyn Healing for Marvin Oliver Ward
Robert Ontario, Canada Employment
Alexandra Austria Healing of broken relationship
Thomas New Orleans, LA USA John Provenzano healing
Xavier India Spritual graces
carolyn RI, USA Healing for baby Blayne
sam sjc troubled marriage
devi india job
Lileeth United States Disability Approval
Julian Argentina Healing from Cancer
Cathy USA For my mom
manishka panjim alka nayak
dianaprabha india unity of family
izzy hampton, virginia please keep him in your prayers
Eric Ashburn, VA Seek help for drinking
cindy usa my husband paul
tony canada pray that my wife is healthy
Thomas Switzerland For my Family
cindy usa for my husband paul
Marilyn Manila For the soul of Archie
Jeremy Memphis, TN USA Reconciliation
Tom Philadelphia Healing
Jack Guraino Virginia, USA Healing
jackie canada relationship
Carrie Virginia My little brother
Mike France mariage discernment
fran gidez rockville, md. 20852 Healing Her Heart
Richee FL Recover From Sickness
Mary Anne Chicago Our Marriage
Antony India Reconciliation
Lynne Louviere Healing
Brother Arthur South Jersey Overcome Obstacles
Phil CA,USA Prayer request
Jeanne Annandale, VA Help our family cope
Jeanne Annandale, VA Help my brother John
lucy qc, philippines healing for my mother
Ann Baldwinsville NY Mental health
Ann Baldwinsville NY Restoration of family
Richee FL Recovery Good Health
Richee FL Grace Abundance
Leti Bibi Canada Employment and Economic Freedom
Ann USA Healing
Becky USA Healing
Michelle California , USA Sickness
Romona Texas Healing from depression
Alex California , USA Job
Tanja USA unspoken
Roberto California, USA Miraculous Healing
Michael Ireland Healing and Restoration
Nikki California Prayer to quite smoking
Frederick Pasadena, California Return to health and vitality for beloved dad
Daniel Florida, USA Strengthening of my faith
erline lacombe usa pembroke park pass state board RN
Father Victor Maristela USA Healing
Crystal USA Prayer for jobs and health
Charles Nigeria Mercy upon my employment
Susie USA Reconciliation
Bob USA Personal Prayer Request
Paula USA Healing
Marie Philippines Financial freedom and love
Nakia Banks Please pray for her
Larry Lake, Ohio Relationship Help
Larry Ohio, USA Relationship Restoration
Lynne Louviere Healing
John Taiwan Career Decision
Lenin Mathew UAE Better Job to rid Debts
Ann Wisconsin pregnancy
Michele Ohio Peace
Laura Idaho Employment for my Son
Michele Ohio Conflict
Walter USA Deliverance
amy oxford UK blessing and healing for life or death
Sally USA Financial Struggles
Kathryn Ottawa, Canada Pray for my daughter Kathryn
nestor tejero philippines Healing
Kim USA Pray for me
Romona Texas My children
Shajan Kuwait healing
Brian Boston Prayer request
Diane Texas Prayer for Ashley
Richee Florida Healing From Maladies
Neela India Marriage Restoration
Lynne Louisiana Healing
G USA Conversion
Bill Taiwan blessings
N.G. USA Help me pray
N.G. USA Pray for my daughter
sylvia texas Healing and addiction
Wayne Canada Jen
Suzanne USA Healing
rebecca canada A praise report for the world people
Milagros USA Deliverance
vickie boston Spiritual healing for my son
lileeth United States homelessness
sue fl favor in the legal system
sue fl healing
Phyl SK. Canada healing for my sister
Shajan Kuwait healing
Connie USA Missing child
Sue Little rock,USA Healing
Sue Little rock,USA For my son
Sue Little rock, USA Employment
Rita Malaysia Dental Problems
Patricia USA Healing
V South Africa Prayer for a miracle
Dan schnegg USA Jobless and homeless with psycological problems
Kathy Phoenix, AZ Prayer for healing
scott usa healing request
Lynne Luisiana Peaceful last days
Mike PA healing hearts
Babythomas Kerala, kanjirapally Request for a home and finance problem
Tony Rockville, MD, USA Financial Blessing
Jalyn Mississippi, USA Healing
anthonia nigeria for God to use me mightily in His vineyard
Richee Florida Financial Returns
raymond indonesia recovery from God
Joseph USA Healing
Lisa US Healing
Nicole UK Healing
lynda usa love and peace
Melanie USA Henry Jenkins Miracle of Complete Healing
Mals Sri Lanka delays
Francis Philippines Prayers for Papa
Jerry Virginia Healing my marriage
Dane Philippines Please pray for my grandmother
mufide USA for Mufide R and all her family
Larry United Kingdom Miracles
Kathlelen New Mexico, USA Cancer
shelly co Protection and healing
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Romona Cypress, Tx My daughter
Timea Serbia New job
Charles Nairobi Financial favor
kim usa Family
Mira Loso las vegas Needs help controlling her whorish ways
Paulina Poland for needed graces of conversion
Michael Arkansas Healing
John Ireland Prayer request for John and Michael
Nancy Mexico Healing
Nancy Mexico To be cancer free
Lileeth United States financial help
Larrissey family Ireland Larrissey family
vikram singapore healing
Lori Chicago Healing for my son
antonella Italia physcal healing
beverly omaha ne reconfirmation testing
Miguel Brasil help me save my mother
Herb Texas healing
Romona Cypress,Tx. My daughter
sandhya india i need my husband back
David Malaysia Financial Blessing
Wayne San Francisco Prayer for departed loved one
Milagros USA Deliverance
beverly omaha ne Asbav testing and Mepps
Kelly Colorado Pregnancy
beverly omaha ne Asbav testing for my daughter
Carla Spring, Tx My son
Lileeth goose creek usa financial
Michael Arkansas Healing
Lileeth United States health and recovery
beverly omaha ne Asbav testing for my daughter
Melissa Europe healing
Carla Houston Tx For my son Trent
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Jeanne Marlman colorado usa prayer intention
Lynne Louisiana Consolation
Sandy Greeley marriage restoration
Joanna Malaysia Finance
Romona Cypress, Tx Healing retreat
Alfred Griffith Miami, Florida Healing
Jeanne colorado, usa prayer intention
Victor Argentina for Sergio Tomas Massa and Sergio Bendixen
Lisa Corpus Christi, Texas Lung problems
Cherryl Australia Miracle
Jordan Waianae, Hawaii USA Thy Will
Beata Poland Prayer request
Anoop Sharjah,UAE seeking employment
Ray Texas Restoring relationship
Lucille Philippines Reconciliation
Lucille Philippines softening of the heart
Richee Florida Protection
thavrin pillay pietermaritzburg,south africa pray i thavrin pillay pass my dental board exams
Lauren Pennsylvania Lauren
Joe Port Charlotte, FL Deliverance and spiritual direction
Melissa Europe Happiness
Christine joy meer Iba zambales Pass the board exam let
Romona Cypress, Tx Tumor shrinks and disappears
Paula USA Conversion
Miss Lavanya Sundar India for my marriage
Jamie USA Healing of broken relationship
Marilyn Philippines Spiritual direction
Lucas M USA My marriage
Scott Louisiana guidance
Alix N .H .USA Healing from cancer
Andrew 850 Sandpiper Trail Warren Ohio grow in holiness
Gaynel Louisiana Relocation
michelle co usa st micheals benevolence
Lolita India Healing from cancer
kristina Minnesota Healing for neighbor
Sandra UK My husband having operation
Mike New Orleans For Virginia
SUNIL V paul India I am suffering from kidney stones and lungs probl
Milagros USA Deliverance
Tami Phoenix Healing for Remy
Tracey Uk Healing
robin lv,nv, usa To Get My Family Back
Peg USA guidance
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
dolphi india plz help
Richee Florida Malediction Removal
Teresa USA test
Eva USA Athiest
Chris San Diego, CA Abdomen and Pain
Mike New Orleans For Mattie
thavrin south africa pray to pass dental board exams
Mrs T North Texas For health
Romona Houston Lymp node and breast cancer
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Custody and house
sachin India Workplace problems
Caitlin Florida Autism healing
antonella Italia physical healing and deliverance
Arun india health and job
Katerina UK Depression
Romona Houston Healing from Breast Cancer
lileeth goose creek usa financial
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Gianna
Lolita Bangalore Prayer for healing from cancer
scott PA leg healing
Nikon Fe Philippines Start a healthy family
Aimee New Orleans, LA Healing
dar usa Health
charley oklahoma reconciliation
therese usa yes
mary ma. anxiety
shelly Littleton CO St Frances Cabrini Parisioners
Stephanie usa my marriage
antonella Italia physical and spiritual healing
Cindy USA Healing
crystal dc usa please pray for calvin to healed of cancer
crystal dc usa healing of the mind and employment
Julie USA Please Pray for our Family
Milagros USA Healing
Melissa Europe Help
Michael Arkansas Healing
A Uxb Healing
robert Los Angeles usa restoration of relationship
AS Uxb Help
A Uxb Healing
Sally United Kingdom Alcohol
Bill and Carol United States Healing Peace
Cameron USA Loss of Grandfather
Jennifer Asheville, NC USA Relief of a blessed being
Salvation USA Restoration and Divine Intervention
Thomas Devlin Atlantic city new jersey Safe and speedy coming home
MG Maryland Continued good health
Peg wisconsin guidance
Michele Westchester, NY Cancer
Bob Detroit Michigan Retirement to do Gods Will
Mary USA For my son
Bill Florida Eternal rest
Gaynel Louisiana Business Opportunity
Karen USA Healing the Family
jo usa strength
catherine massachusetts addiction
shelly CO USA Protection and healing
jack Liverpool United Kingdom that they may come closer to Jesus and deepenthei
Beverley UK Employment
Mary NM thanksgiving
Peg United States end conflict
Alexa Dominican Republic Severe pain
Lynne Louisiana Healing
damini San Francisco Winning the legal issues
Maggie USA Current Issues
Darnisha Roswell, Ga. Prayers for family and help
Maria Florida Income for Travis
Kenneth Paterson, NJ Destitution and fear
Mary Louise SW Florida Healing of Mental Illness
Emily Imperial, MO cancer cure
Jane Osgood, Indian Family Intention
Lexi Johnson USA Cancer
Katja Switzerland Be free from relationship
Katja Switzerland New Home
Rachel USA Please Pray For My Auntie Jo
Ann Kentucky Prayer for healing
Mike Florida Radio Success
Alvin Jose Bangalore,India Unemployment
santhosh India For land
Jeanne United States prayer intention
Ashley Kenner, LA Aunt has bone cancer
Shane Louisiana Happiness
Namasuci Va Family needs
Steve Louisisana Marriage Reconciliation
Leo Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Prayer Request for World Peace Now
Ann Quattrone Manassas, VA Childhood Illness Prayers
Nicki South Africa Addiction
Judy wales Jobs and health
debbie usa arizona return of grandkids
LMH Burlington, Ontario For the Jesuits of New Orleans Province
jayaprakash india black magic attack
rachel usa please pray for my aunt jo
josephine india coming out of legal case
rachel usa please pray for my aunt jo
Moises Dade City Florida MY NEPHEW GLENN
Regina Providence, RI Healing
Gaynel Louisiana Presentation
Derek Canada God fighting for Marriage
tess USA test
josephine india solveing legal case
Juliet Australia Recovery from cancer
Lucy United States Prayer for my daughter
Anne Southampton, Pa Health and welfare
Karen Louisiana Troubled Daughter
Anne UK Cure for cancer
Lirong Singapore Healing
Derek Canada Marriage in Peril
EM Australia pray for my recovery
Eileen Australia Pray for us
antony india healing
Mary USA family
Evelyn Lousiana, USA Health
therese ca please pray for this
Maura Ireland Healing
Maura Ireland Healing
Susan UK prayer request
elizabeth usa restore relationship
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Gaynel louisiana Education
sam usa family
sam new jersey usa healing
Rachel USA Employment
Lynne Louisiana Safe trip
Nor New York Healing
Roque Rodrigues Thane India God Miracle
Lourdes NC USA Fertility problems
tess broz pickerington ohio peace and properity
Ramon III Philippines Prayer Request for Healing
Sean USA Need Prayer
alphonse india please pray for my family
Kathy NYC, USA Our Darling Victoria
Sandra Wales Healing prayers for husband
Bonnie Louisiana Guidance for the Family
Carol New Jersey Serious Surgery
Sue Fountain Hills, AZ Financial Stability
John Ireland Healing
John Ireland Friendship
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Gaynel Louisiana Education
Debbiesfamily Australia Bereavement
henry usa for myself
Peter Germany recovery
Karen Ontario, Canada Employment
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Martha UK For my son
Debbie Australia Breast cancer healing
Richee Florida Against Maledictions
Heather USA Please pray to help our family sell our home
Lynne Louisiana Surgery
Susie usa marriage restoration
Heather Alabama Financial Needs
mason St. Louis mo Baby needs a heart transplant
Rob Alabama, USA Accident and False Arrest
robert cleveland,tn For my heart
robert cleveland For Vocations
Loni Usa Depressed
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Dewi USA Job
Patty Utah, USA Healing unknown spreading cancer
Christine Oak Park IL Cancer Biopsy
Melanie Sydney, Australia Prayer for guidance and strength
Myra Canada Healing and Employment
Rose Belmont, CA Move
Carol USA Prayers for a mom
Randall Alberta, Canada psychological and spiritual healing
Kathie Bufalo, NY Family
Carol Ohio psychological healing
Jean Dallas, TX Guidance for my son
shelly colorado protection and healing
Lina USA Healing and Support
Melissa Phoenix, AZ Wendy
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Jean Gurnee Employment
Roger USA Healing
Margie Independence cancer cure
Rose Tucson,Az Knee healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
jean altoona pa obtain job
F Usa Healing
Roger Michigan Cancer healing
Leo Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada For Mary
M US health
Rory usa wants to die
Anne Southampton, Pa Additional healings
Barbara USA Prayer Request
Cris Seattle wa USA Healing prayer
Jocelyn USA Support for Veterans
Roger Michigan Physical Healing of their bodies
Kevin thom united kingdom healing
SA USA Please pray so that Lord Grant me Success
tess broz mobile al nursing exam
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Gaynel Louisiana Business Future
josephine chalfant cancer
Rory USA swelling
Alicia Mexico Family
Adrian Batangas, Philippines Healing
Pearl Brooklyn General Prayer for my family
Gaynel Louisiana Career Path
Margie Independence help
therese ca i am so sad
Suzanne Wimberley,TX the healing of Dawn
John Ireland Healing of the pain of Arthritis
John Ireland Friendship
Dee Rye NY Success with job
janace qcton ma healing strength and longevity
John B usa Thanks
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Tonya Tampa, Florida Deliverence
Barbara USA salvation for Arleta M
Leo Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada For the Blessed Virgin Mary
Steven USA Sale of Property
Jude Delaware Spiritual Growth
Paula USA Healing
anonomyous usa sinful destructive relationship severed
Jana SK trust in mercy of God
Marye USA Obedience
Terry Arkansas USA Lost Faith
michelle m triska independence, ohio need healing in body from evil psychiatry
paula cincinnati ohio Love
Paula cincinnati ohio safety
paula cincinnati ohio Finaces
Terry Arkansas. USA Knowing Jesus
joan usa job seekers
Mike New Orleans Several Requests for Spiritual Help
Mindy Lincoln USA Family
Rose Mary Orosco Hayward San Antonio Texas healing
Richard Florida For my Mother
Luis Yakima WA To heal
Roni Minnesota Prayer for discerment
Gary Idaho For my Mother
Sonia California, USA Need a Job Now
kristina Mn Support
David Dayton, Ohio Job
Meg Atlanta, GA Marriage
susie USA Marriage Restoration
heather arizona life
Jennifer Dallas For Our Students
Cathy Washington, DC Prayer for healing of acute cancer patient
M US Health
SC USA Financial Health
Dee Dee New York Get Job
Gerard northport, ny guidance and healing
Nancy Northport, NY face and breast healing
Emily USA Healing
Cheryl Sacramento,California Finances
Cheryl Sacramento,California Healing
Steve Maine Prayer for Jessica
Annette USA Grace and Salvation
Jenny USA For Heath for Jenny
Ken Portland, OR To Overcome
Mark Wesley Chapel, Florida Pray
Oksana Florida for my son
damon usa finance
The Promise usa RESTORATION
John Taiwan Qualifying Exam
Chris Seattle, WA Healing and creation of good blood cells
susie USA marriage restoration
Sahay NJ, USA Tenant not vacating
M US Health
Leah USA Dental Healing
Anita Canada Abundance in finances
Marilyn St. Louis area, USA physical pain healing
Janet USA Sudden death
Spencer Singapore A level examination results
Marian Pennsylvania Protection and Blessings
Chris Los Angeles Please pray all Police officers stay away from me
M US Health
LMH Canada Academic opportunity for Son
Lynne Louisiana Health
Baby Antonio Washington, DC Healing
kevin california work pay
kristina MN job
Nicholas Nganga Breakthrough
Jessica Wisconsin Family
Randall Canada recovery
jennifer Houston,Texas awakening
Pat Dallas My children
James FL Employment or Financial Help
Dorothy Rose USA Restore good health
Jessica Wiscobsin To have a family
Kay New Jersey Prayer for Health
PI USA Employment
M US HEalth
michelle usa thriving opportunities gladness hapiness and the l
BlakeHayner USA Good Health and Happiness
Michael Arkansas healing
tina yonkers,ny Financial Abundance
Lana California Removal of Demons
michelle usa validation healing masters love intentions needs
laura UK Prayer for a friend
Paulina United States Comfort and Healing
Paulina United States Recovery and Healing
Mary Canada Love
sa NY Need you Jesus
rebecca canada prayer for the world people
Randall Alberta, Canada faith
Randall Alberta, Canada health
erin MD, USA prayer
Mark USA Prayer Request to Resolve Financial Difficulties
jacqueline montgomery usa abundance
Dee NC Health
Adrian New Orleans, LA Recovery from an accident
Abel Nigeria Financial abundance
Evelyn West Hempstead, USA Healing
Judy Oklahoma Prayer for Health
Jane Boston Those Who Grieve
ALICIA PHILIPINES prayer request
David Hawkins England suffering with cancer
David Hawkins england love
David hawkins england the holy spirit will be close to these families
David Hawkins england i find a girl friend
David Hawkins England prayers forthe holy souls
Frank Arcadia, Florida Legal Battle
Maria Rosa Argentina Prayer Request urgent
Ian United Kingdom Please pray for my parents
shelly USA Protection
mm usa posperity
Amelia Orlando, FL Encouragement
Michael Arkansas Healing
Angela USA Healing of unknown health issues
T Aus Please protect my babies
T aus Please bring anthony back to us
audrey Bosque Farms, NM cure for cancer
vince baltimore that my son is returned to me
Mary Illinois please pray for my mother
timothy canezaro Chicago Pray Marriage survives the attacks
M US Health
M USA bone marrow transplant for leukemia
Rick Mississippi Our son Elijah and our family
shelly USA St Frances Cabrini parishioners
Linda USA Healing in relationship and health
Marian Pennsylvania Weight Loss
Mary luton, Bedfordshire,UK Good Medical Results
Frank Florida, USA Aneurysm
Hank Europe angry with God
Myriam Orlando prayer for Mitch McConne and family
Tony Cancun, Mexico Tony is Healed
Ricki Los Angeles, CA USA Ricki is Healed
Kelley Los Angeles, CA USA Kelley is Healed
fred CA, USA health
Marie The hub of the universe Moving
Adrian Philippines Prayer for Healing
patricia a moorestown, nj a prayer for faith
carey Northern Ute Reservation, Vernal, UT Blessings
SA USA Prayer
Mar NJ Miracles
Eero Finland More belief
M US Health
S USA Help me Lord
M US Health
SA USA Prayer
Jennifer USA Help for relationship
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa Gianna
Nancy IL Unspoken
M US Health
Gary Portland, Maine, USA Just released from jail
Marie Michigan Healing within the Family
Lynne Louisiana For our military and their families
Jennifer USA Help for relationship
Adrian Philippines Prayer for Healing
abraham dallas,tx usa Miracle relationship
Jeanne Marlman U.S.A. prayers for myself and others
Eero Finland More belief
Sonia California, USA Raymond gets a better job
Jennifer Arkansas Relationship
michelle usa please pray for me for a mri rather than a ct scan
Anoruo Nigeria For my Academics
Paula Illinois family health
Grace Nashville, Tn Healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
Jeanne Colorado, U.S.A prayer intention
Vendala Indiana Housing
Vendala Indiana Physical need
Vendala Indiana Deliver and restore
Debbie WA Healing
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Tony W Minneapols MN Financial Abundance
Alfred Griffith USA Healing
timothy canezaro chicago Sacred Land Pe Sla
Lucas Poland request
George Dempsey USA Most Benevelent outcome
Michael Arkansas healing
Lynne Louisiana For peace
Lynne Louviere Healing
George USA health
Davin and Jon WA Needing Direction
Keri WA Birth
M US Health
Alberto ARGENTINA For deliverance
Robert Detroit Employment
Melissa Orlando,Florida USA healing
beth nv for courtenay
SA India Safety and health of my parents
eyecee Philippines prayer for my troubled relationship
David Pleasant Grove, USA Pregnancy problem
Brian Wyoming Employment
David Malaysia Pray for healing broken relationship
Amelia Orlando, Florida Encouragement for my son
Kathy USA son finds work
Job Abraham Kshirsagar Solapur,Maharashtra,India unemployed
JOHN IRELAND House Problem
Roseanne New Jersey College
Susan IL biopsy
Alfredo South Africa Discerning a vocation to the Society of Jesus
Susan FL Financial Relief
lucille philippines special intention
Adrian Philippines Thanksgiving and Special Request
walter joseph Singapore coleractral cancer
Gaynel Louisiana Business Opportunity
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Felix Adorno Brooklyn,N.Y. USA health
Jennifer Arkansas Please pray
Timea Serbia Finacial needs
JOHN IRELAND Healing and Friendship
Uju Nigeria Pray for family healing
Gladys Philippines Prayer for healing and intention
Matt Houston Employment
Jennifer Arkansas Help for relationship
Lorna Canada healing for Terry Oliva
Jennifer Little Rock Prayer request for relationship
Gladys Philippines Healing
John Cheyenne Deliverance
Richee Florida Protection
timothy canezaro chicago people stop catholic bashing
Anne Southampton, USA Healings
Diana Malaysia To obtain excellent results
Kristina Mn, Usa For Toni
maureen perth western australia family healing
M US Health
Ronita Ferrao India healing
Nancy USA Healing
Tonya Spokane, WA Business is in threat of bankruptcy
clyde saint augustine,fl healing
Ruby USA Please pray that money and employment will find me
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Lise USA Freedom from harm and threats
Mike New Orleans Repose of Two Souls
Ting Philippines Happy love life and employment
M USA Health of parents
Jacqueline USA drug and alcohol addition
Karen New Jersey Health and Healing
liza california money and family
Monica Knoxville, TN Prayer for DT
PAT United States TRIAL
Adrian Philippines Prayer for Healing
lana pa usa daughters
shelly colorado usa intercessors of the trinity core team
Marjorie New Orleans A fair hearing in court
Gaynel Louisiana Special Thanks
henry Connecticut USA
lana usa pa sister
lana usa pa sister
Vera Haven Healing intercession
Anne Missouri Healing Change at Seminary
timothy canezaro chicago Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
emily Miami Prayer for Lung Tumor
Sangeetha Malaysia My Husband to coming back
darci Hot Springs, Arkansas Finding True Love for son
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Gaynel Louisiana Business Sales
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
henry usa prayer request
Kathleen USA Help my son
Sangeetha Senthil Nathan Malaysia I need my husband Back
Annielyn Pe Canton,TX healing of my father
darci Hot Springs, Arkansas Prayer for wife for Matthew
Simone Australia Prayer for God
Michael Arkansas Healing
Audrey Europe Relationship
erik california relief from oppression
Nancy Northport, NY USA normal colonoscopy results
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Matthew USA Restore relationship
Frank Hillsboro, WV USA Healing
M USA Healing
Me Usa Please help
M USA parents healing
therese ca health
jobi india protection
M US Health
kristina Minnesota prayers
Linda Kaslo BC Healing for my brother Lorin
Piedad FL brainheal
MariaB N.Y Healing
Johncarlo Lopez N.Y recuperation
Cheryl Canada My brother
Mary Pittsburgh Homeless girl
Adrian Philippines Thanksgiving and Special Request
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa Annette
Sap . Prayer to be successful in exam
henry usa prayer request
Eero Finland Christmas Celebration
giselle lafayette louisiana finding work
M US Parents health
Marta United States A way out
charan pal malaysia financial restoration through BANTI ENGLISH CENTRE
sam usa healing deliverence
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa Gianna
martyn wales united kingdom depression and mental health
Jim USA Hope
Larry USA Prayer for protection
therese usa help
Eyecee Ph To stop infidelity
dj india for reunion of broke up relationship
JoAnn Vienna, WV healing for a friend
Jenny Oxford, MS Healing
Margaret SG Marriage Restoration
lana pa usa daughters
Pam Georgia Healing
Velma Canada healing
Katie St Louis, Mo Anxiety and Grace
kristina MN For departed souls
Jennifer Jung Daphne, Al employment
Carol Parkinsom Daphne, Al. Healing
Ting Philippines Good employment
vicentinha southall healing
Richee Florida Protection
Isabel California,USA Healing
Jane Europe cancer
Michael Arkansas Healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
Rory Ca protection
Kim Usa Healing
Christinah South Africa Asking God for marriage
Christinah South Africa Salary increment
Anne St. Louis, Missouri Spritual Healing
timothy canezaro cheyenne river reservation South Dakota healing for the children of this reservation
timothy canezaro chicago healing for cardinal george
charlie minnesota pray for vocation to priesthood
josephine United Kingdom healing
Natalie Usa Safety for son
Martin Rooney Dublin urgent prayer
kristina Minnesota for all people
Jack California Housing problem
Gaynel Louisiana Financial
brian ireland pray for me to find the right job
Marina Australia Healing
Oscar India Marriage restoration and wife to return home
Kathi Oklahoma Book publishing for Errin
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Gianna
Anne Southampton Healings
Gina USA Healing Cancer
Michael Arkansas Healing
Kiera CA For my mother
Guido Charlotte, N.C Depression
Jeff San Pedro, CA Female spirit bothering my wife
Mike South Louisiana Prayer for Healing
Jeanne Colorado vocations and more
Anne Southampton Healings
Shelly Evergreen CO Intercessors of the Trinity core team
Shelly Colorado USA St Frances Cabrini parishioners
darlene United States healing
timothy canezaro chicago for christian marriage
timothy canezaro chicago for sun dance green grass south dakota
Anne Saint Louis Seminary Turmoil
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Health
Shannon SC School
Anne Southampton Healings
nancy midland, usa health
John Long Beach NY USA Finances
Fred New Orleans Successful surgery
Prisca Nigeria safe delivery of baby
suzie philippines Healing from illness
Sister Marie Lawrence, KS USA Reconversion
Sister Marie Lawrence, KS USA Laver of Regeneration
suzie philippines healing from misunderstanding
S Ct Jobs
S Connecticut family unity
Priscilla Louisiana Health of family
sony india VINODS BAIL
eyecee Philippines For relationship
Lavina USA Save my Marriage
timothy canezaro chicago respect life
marixa tampa,fl restore our family
Karen USA Guidance
Libby Lake Charles, Louisiana strength and deliverance
Libby Lake Charles, Louisiana for my sick friend and his wife
Libby Lake Charles, Louisiana My health concerns
Libby Lake Charles, Louisiana Healing and Direction
Maggie United Kingdom wisdom
Gary Baltimore, MD Marriage
K NJ Financial
Veronica Uk Family
manda USA job
G Ireland Intercession
Michael Arkansas Healing
MICHELLE triska United States healing of excessive gas
Angie Usa My marriage
Gaynel Location Business Opportunity
Gaynel Louisiana Job
Gaynel Louisiana Relationship
Danny Master Arizaona for all and unusual moments of choices andl love
Christi Orlando, FL Mending of relationship
Ursula Texas,USA Financial help
Ursula Texas,USA Healing of my back
Anne M Florida Healing
Nancy USA new job
Nancy Northport, USA bone enlargment
Frustrated Earth Very very Frustrated
LOURDES AMOR PHILIPPINES PRAYer to pass the nursing licensure exam
Oscar Lawrence Bangalore, India Pls pray for my wife to return home soon
Monica Knoxville, TN Relief from pain
Monica Knoxville, TN Counsel
Monica Knoxville, TN Depression
Monica Knoxville, TN Stomach lesion
marita USA prayer for addiction and legal issues
Bob Keota, Iowa, USA Special Intention
bec ct my husband
chona Cebu, Philippines Personal Intentions
Bel usa Healing for my Mom
Anne Napa, CA Healing
Emmanuel B United Kingdom Deliverance
Mike New Orleans Pray for the Soul of Eddie Jones
james tucker LA california help with divorce
Abhinav India Mind blinding
roslyn USA Healing
eli USA health
marie USA healing
emily USA healing
Manny USA salvation
Linda Clarksville,TN Help with relocation after military
elly netherlands healing
Gregory Ireland Broken
Michael Arkansas Healing
Jenny B Germany Elderly people
Jenny B Germany Help
Greg Ireland Repose
betty gauteng cleaning my heart
shanna caputo usa Prayer
diana india for healing
Judith San Jose, CA Successful Examination
Tonya United States Deliverence
Natalie USA For teacher
Natalie USA Special intention
lucille Philippines Negative for Cancer
maggie usa daughters health
george nairobi,kenya marriage
Natalie Usa Pass finals
Shelly CO Intercessors of the Trinity core team
mary usa Ryan
Mary USA Healing for my father
Paul Usa Grades for exams
mary usa Healing for my grandson
Mark Sydney, Australia Students
Tim N.J. healing
Jane Boston Ordinands
Joanna Philippines Healing
mary usa my son
SS India Unite me back with my love
Pat NJ Healing
Leah USA Health
Mathew NJ Healing
Roger NJ Healing
Jose M El Paso For my aunt who is seriously ill
Angeline Malaysia lungs healing
GLENNBOY PHILIPPINES Research Oral Examination
Drake Baltimore Maryland to be loved
Frank Arcadia, Florida USA Legal Problems
Lizanne South Africa Healing
Natalie New Jersey Healing
William Florida healing
Kevin San Francisco, CA Healing
Natalie New jersey Paul success at school
christine africa MY ALBUM
Michael Arkansas Healing
Ro Ca healing
MEG New York Peace and healing
paul uk barriars broken
Charles va beach, va, usa Conversion
DM USA Finances
Maelan Louisiana Healing
Angela and Ronnie Denver, Co Healing
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Michael Arkansas Healing
Maria Europe inner healing
melissa usa job
Gingging Philippines Prayer for legal problems
Barb USA Urgent Prayer Request
therese ca please pray for this i am super sad
deanna usa heavenly intervention
Ah Li Singapore Please pray for Ah Li and parents
Charles Canada Cousin Gada Cancer I Think Very Serious and etc
Mum Aus Praying for a job
Adam TN Repose of the soul of my grandmother
Maria Harare Daughter
Maria Zimbabwe For my mother
Maria Zimbabwe Pray for my daughter
Margie Independence dying
Margie Independence death
Katarina Belgrade, Serbia Relationship
Rhonda Hooker, OK marriage reconcilliation
Gio Jamaica Success
David Louisiana For Health of My Sister
Ursula USA Healing
Ursula USA Transfer to another job project
a tanzania miracle
christine nairobi favor and financial breakthrough
Rhonda Louisiana,Usa deliverance from Evil
R USA much needed job offer
paul uk breakthroughs
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Carol Phoenix Hope and Grace
Debra USA employment
Derrick Philippines Healing
DM North America Family
Liz NJ Please pray for my daughter
Frank New Orleans Return to good health
kristy louisiana, usa daughter
paul dench England Youth Event
Vicki Madisonville Louisiana Healing
Musette G Buckley Metairie La. USA SALVATION
David Louisiana Health of My Brother
christine africa financial break through
Reda Lithuania Healing
Gaynel Louisiana Job
Gaynel Louisiana Reconciliation
Wayde USA Healing
Dennis Zimbabwe,harare Protection from hiv
Gary Baltimore, MD Reconciliation with wife
margie independence cancer
Gary Paul PA substance abuse
Gary PA surgery
Kathy PA troubled children
Karen CO health
Dorothy IL financial struggle
Suzanne CO son suicide
Cindy CO Death of brother
Harriet CA financial struggle
Carol IL Cancer
Jim IL Substance abuse
Annie CO Chronic pain
Phil ND Divorce
Amanda Florida, United States Pass Bar Exam
eyecee Philippines reconciliation and healing
Carlo Cavite, Philippines For my Father working overseas
Mike Ft. Myers Mary
Pericles Bernard Cabarrubias Cebu, Philippines Families
Liz USA Healing for my son
Liz USA Healing for my alcoholic husband
Monthy Canada Daughter
michael anto Tamilnadu, India to remove obstacles in research studies
rory Ca protection
Clifford USA comfort
Brent Alabama, USA Health and Blessing
Leah USA Health
therese ventura health
therese ventura please pray for that
Emily Maryland, USA prayer
Martin Ireland Back Pain
kelly wales, uk mums health
Elizabeth Houston, Texas Liver biopsy post transplant
Sarita india Family
Xavier India Prayer request
Chantal South africa Family and marriage
Cristian Bustos Texas, USA Vocation
Susan Louisiana Job Family Health
Erik Long Island, NY Breath problem lung disease
Elisabete pereira brewer Las vegas Brain tumor
Marie Illinois prayer for healing
Natalie Usa Success
Bill and Carol oh.usa SLOW RECOVERY
Gaynel Louisiana Financial
Natalie Usa Success
josephine uk healing
victor argentina protection
john india soul
Ruth Boston Please Pray for Us in Boston
Johanna USA Special intention
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Gaynel Louisiana Education
Gaynel Louisiana Grandchild
Michael Arkansas healing
nancy USA prayers for teenager
Adam Tennessee Repose of soul of grandfather Vern
Lia Ind for examination
fay mexico abundance
gina florida reconciliation
gina florida medical school
Gail Illinois Thyroid Healing
Rhonda New Orleans,Louisiana Debts
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Gianna
Richee Florida Protection
nancy USA Finances
nancy usa graduation
Donna Bedfordshire United Kingdom Pray for my friend in a coma
Diane Massachusetts JOB
youssef massachusetts, usa prayer
Tom Insprucker Protection from Dementia or any other illnesses
Michael Bradenton, Florida Healing from a motorcycle accident
Greg Europe Distressed
Siphiwo Republic of South Africa Penance
Siphiwo RSA Motor Vehicle Recovery
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Kevin Texas Mental Health
Gary Baltimore, MD Reconciliation with wife
Mona Columbus, Ohio Linda
Debbie Olympia WA Marriage Restoration
Kay Michigan Conversion
Kay Michigan Spouse
s indi partner
Sharon Boston, MA Depressed Dad
Sharon Boston, MA Home
Sarah object of prayer is from SC Request for continued prayer
irene india prayer request
Alex Japan Teenager struggling
wAYNE CT,USA Marriage
lana usa pa daughters
RoseMarie whitehall,Pa Gianna
Charlie El Paso, TX Broken Hearts
Henry St Augustine Guidance
nobuko tokyo love does realize
Jason El Dorado Hills, CA healing
Eubi India Job surety
Anne St. Louis, MO healing of brain lesions
Becky MS job hunt
Becky Hattiesburg, MS request for healing
Angela Palatka, FL Miraculous Marriage Restoration
Katie MA, USA Unite Our Love
Volkmar Germany Healing and Job
Derrick Philippines Healing
kathleen USA healing
kathleen USA healing
Rhonda New Orleans,LA. Healing for Paul
Gaynel Louisiana Healing
Jim Missouri wellbeing
Jim Missouri healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
T USA Healing
Carol Phoenix Hope
Von Tampa Healing
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Chaplain Kelly USA Reconciliation between Karen and Diana
Dave Netherlands Deliverance
Emily maryland, usa direction
darlene USA For George
ciara Ireland driving license
franky lancashire england uk Drug Addiction healing
Kim Usa Healing
VK USA Healing and Strength Cancer
SA Usa Life saving
Nancy Northport, NY Healing for Nancy
Edwin Malaysia save friend from sin
Todd New Orleans for Jimmie Buckner
Eubi India Job surety and financial needs
RIPP India Healing
Susan Gray Erie,PA Healing
rose ohio finances and bills
Joel USA Salvation
Gaynel Louisiana Financial
Lynne Louisiana Healing
NICOMEDES PHILIPPINES recovery of my hearing ability
Mary USA Career Guidance
maria usa healing
William San Diego ca Healing and finances
Regie Alexandria, VA fulfillment of dreams
Pat and Janice Pennsylvania Providence
MANNY PACHECO CLEVLAND GA. USA employment andguidience
Connie New York Healing
Francis Manila,Philippines Thanksgiving and for friends
Michael Arkansas Healing
Lew Palm Coast, FL Strength
Richee Florida Protection
Claudette Virginia Prayer for belief in our risen Lord
Laurence Singapore Prayer for sickness
nicomedes philippines to experience success with Sunday Gospel blog
bob wilkes barre pa health healing
clyde usa Healing
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Jessica
Gaynel Louisiana Financial
Donna USA Blessings
JoAnn USA Healing
Jay Dompor USA Healing for my mother
Pam New Orleans, La Repose of soul
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
Pam New Orleans, La Special intentions
Michael Arkansas Healing
Jim Robertsville MO ms Muside Rende
Raymond Las Vegas Healing
Connie USA addiction
Leah USA Grief
Leah USA Healing
Leah USA Addiction
Ah Li Singapore Please pray for Ah Li and parents
Edwin Malaysia Family
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
Margie Independence elderly
Pam New Orleans, La Special intentions
Pam New Orleans, La Special intentions
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
Kathleen CT. health
Kathleen CT.USA employment
Jaimie Ft. Duchesne Ute Reservation Life Turmoil
hl sgp Safe Journey
Pam New Orleans, La Prayers for family
frances usa I trust in you Lord
Mike New Orleans, LA Consolation
Mike New Orleans Repose of her Soul
Pam New Orleans, La Pray for Alex
rea usa healing
Charlotte Phoenix USA Pray for my sister Marie
Carrol USA healing
C Phoenix help
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
mary dracut,mass. healing
Ashima India Prayer for my depressed brother
Cecilia New York Anton
Mary Ellen Rocky Hill, CT Employment
Jennifer Indiana My marriage
Adam Tennessee Healing from Cancer
Margie USA Healing
Isla England Biopsy results and health
Tanishia Tinson Healing Needed Desperately
Barbara USA prayers for illness
debbie pittsburgh pa mike and all our kids
Dolores Hernandez San Antonio, Texas Prayer for Uncle Luis
Nancy Northport, NY USA Matthew Dolan
Tom New Jersey healing
Candi Arizona ICU
Patti Florida Russell
Nicomedes Philippines Blessing of new ministry
Patty Ohio Strength
Greg Indiana Job Search
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Gaynel Louisiana Healing
Ah Li Singapore Please pray for Ah Li and parents
Christina Slidell, La Employment
Dianne Louisiana employment
Ericbodker Oschner Jefferson Metairie, La Healing
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
Michael Arkansas Healing
Beee Australia Employment
Gaynel Location Relationship
Gaynel Louisiana Special Thanks
Gaynel Louisiana Special Thanks
Gaynel Louisiana Sales
nick philippines guidance
Jean Ohio Cancer Healing
Rebecca wendell NC Son wife is selfish
john USA Debt Cancellation
Stephen Ontario, Canada Hope
Farn AFRICA bring back my wife who does not love me
Jon USA Guidance
Kris USA Child with depression
Nina USA Pass Teaching License Exam
nick philippines help for second semester
Robb San Diego marriage
Richee Florida Protection
nick philippines healing
michelle usa praise and healing
Sarah USA Healing
Julita Georgia Marriage restoration
Myrtle trinidad Wisdom and discernment
hl sgp Help in Examinations
Margie Louisiana financial problems
suma india salvation
Christopher Florida Deliverance
THERESA BAILE South Africa Exams
Ronald Philippines csat
AM USA Consolation and guidance for the Body of Christ
alan Europe Help
Jason El Dorado Hills Help
Leah USA Healing from Depression
Leah USA Guidance from God
Leah USA Finances
Leah USA Dental Problems
Joseph Florida Protection
Anon USA Healings
Beth USA Guidance
Jack Sebastopol CA peace of mind before surgery
Cynthia Florida Cora
Cynthia Florida For Shane to get job in NC
Louis New Orleans Employment for family member
Debbie Pennsylvania, USA Betty
Kelly Denver Marriage Forgiveness
sony india healing from depression
bernadette marie roselle, illinois Financial and family reconciliation
Anjelica Tucson, AZ Anjelica needs your prayers
christine rochester, new york positive response to her chemo
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
Margie Louisiana return to faith
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
josephine uk healing
Jean USA Blessing for Beverly
Elise Lapeyre Connolly New Orleans, LA Pass Specialty Exam in ENT
Gaynel Louisiana Special Thanks
Gaynel Louisiana Business Opportunity
Gaynel Louisiana Property
Ah Li Singapore Please pray for Ah Li and parents
Dee California Healing
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Cristina Bettendorf Iowa Healing for loved ones
Kathy U.S.A. Prayer for Healing and Peace
Susan Alabama, USA Healing for Friend
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
marian gresham, Or. family
nel phl thanksgiving
Kevin Philadelphia Job
Jill USA Healing
Nathalie USA Healing
Yogesh Plano, USA Job problems
Carol Phoenix fulfillment
Gonzalo Countryside, IL Pray for Faith and Hope
Michele Waldorf MD USA Poppy
Carmita Philippines Reunification
maria bay area PRAYER FOR JESUITS
Missihoua Omer ghana Paralysed by cerebral stroke
Nathalie USA Blessing
Ah Li Singapore Please help pray for Ah Li and parents
Rhp USA To have clear understanding
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
lloyd india inner healing
joan us a peace and fairness on the job
Mary Albuquerque healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
GAUTAM UAE visa Renewel
Gaynel Louisiana Employment
Gaynel Louisiana Property
Gaynel Louisiana Financial
matthew omaha that I may listen through my heart
Lynne Louviere Comfort
Phil CA,USA Prayer
Katherine USA Closer to God
Joseph Florida Protection
Gourang Washington, DC Prayer for my father
josephine uk healing
Wewe Philippines love life and finance
Ah Li Singapore Please pray for Ah Li and parents
Carol Arizona fulfillment
Andrea Vellinga Indiana Andrea Vellinga
Rich Malawi Prayer for Missionary Protection
Lynne Louisiana Healing
Gaynel Louisiana Financial
Zack USA Restoration
Alan Arizona Cancer
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. USA Jessica
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
joseph mumbai, india for vocation
Michael Arkansas healing in all ways
Helen Shreveport health of Henry and Helen Marak
Persa USA Hope
NANCY New York, USA Cancer surgery
Susanna USA Healing
Tammy Rockingham NC Restoration of marriage
Donna Milwaukee Justice
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
Mary Washington, DC Healing
anda lv trip
Rose Marie Whitehall,Pa. Zachary
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Health
Jane Boston Novices to make Vows
Gary Canada Love of God
Donna North America Family
Mike Louisiana Respose of Soul
Katarina Europe my life
j india plz pray fr me i need a job urgently
Manuel usa Spiritual Healig
elsie philippines for betterness of my son
barbara mableton to get jobs
Carlos USA Please pray for my family
Daniel Ireland Addiction
Rick Colorado Financial Healing
Joseph Florida Protection
Alan Colchester USA healing
S USA Growth
Lucille Philippines for the healing of my friend
nick philippines inspired teaching
Laura UK Protection
Joseph and Fides Philippines Healing from sins
Theresa Tucson, AZ Healing for Rico
Arlene Pa, USA Healing
Pam New Orleans, La Healing Prayers
P India Prayer to Lord
Lisa New Orleans prayer for healing and departed
MYRIAM MAURITIUS healing and for the departed
missy NY miraclehope
anka poland europe please pray GOD BLESS YOU
ammeg Philippines positive result of Nursing Board Examination
Gaynel Louisiana Financial
Gaynel Louisiana Insurance for Surgery
nick philippines visual aids
elizabeth north carolina for healing
Jason California Help
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Shannon
Mike Louisiana Prayer for the repose of the soul of a friend
Mark Riyadh for reunification
Lynne Louisiana Successful pregnancy
S Usa Release from evil spell
Katie USA Chase
Jill USA Financial Crisis
nick philippines weight loss
Joseph Florida Successful Radio Program
Michael Arkansas Healing
Bill and Carol ohio. usa Healing
John Singapore Healing of Health Ailments
steve mn ears
jess india Prayer intention
Jess US Addiction of Alcohol
Jess US visa renewal
Jess US Deliverence and healing
L UK Protection and Healing
john and amanda orman kingman az marriage healing
Sandra GEO Permanent Visa
Adelaide Denmark SKin and hair
Kate Modest,CA Tony Rowland ordination
karen Merthyr Tydfil Healing
sara houston my family
Audrey Toronto, Ontario, Canada To find employment and complete healing for my son
Lynne Louisiana Healing
musette g New Orleans HEALING
Theodore NE blessings
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Health
Joe Knoxville TN Inprisoned priest nuns and lay ministers
rommel Philippines job and studies
kenneth jeffersonville,indiana i ask that prayer be made for familly
tony southern indiana thankfull
Jill USA Financial Crisis
David Vancouver Financial struggles
Joan usa peace and fairness in tne work place
Cat USA Prayer for sick man
Victor Concepcion Tucuman Argentina for healing deliverance and protection
Sandra UK My daughter and her partner
Mate Los Angeles Healing for mother
Ann USA Peace
margaret ar for daughter she needs divine intervention
Sandra UK My daughter and her partner
Joanna Malaysia Financial Help
Victor Concepcion Tucuman Argentina for MCVMS
elena dominguez USA for kenneth quinn
Suzanne USA Husband
Victor Concepcion Tucuman Argentina for Guido Dip and Jose Dip and your family
Victor Concepcion Tucuman Argentina for Candido Ramon del Valle Bracamonte Deceased
Gaynel Louisiana Truth
Gaynel Louisiana Special Thanks
SAP NY Prayer for my parents health
Amelia Upstate NY Mental Health
PR San Antonio Healing from cancer
Dave Minneapolis Dustin and Nathan
Chris G San Diego, California Breast Cancer and Radiation
Lynne Louisiana Flood victims
Lynne Louisiana Comfort
Victor Concepcion Tucuman Argentina I ask prayer for healing and deliverance to Christ
Victor Concepcion Tucuman Argentina Please I ask prayer I need paid work it urgently
Victor Concepcion Tucuman Argentina to Christ for comunity of Architects of Concepcion
lana usa daughters
Kevin Haverford,PA Prayer to get our son to stay in a recovery progra
shanti AL Relationship falling apart
Sandra UK Prayers for my daughter please
Jane Boston Ordinands
Ani Montana Reduce tumor size
Cody Washington, D.C. Improved Health
Gaynel Louisiana Health
Gaynel Louisiana Justice
James New Orleans, LA Good intention
April Usa Please pray for my deliverance in the lord
Mag USA Health and Prosperity
Joseph New Orleans , La USA Healing
KENYA Baltimore Finances and Family
rc costa mesa,california Mothers Healing
Laura GB Protection and Healing
Barry Indiana, USA Healing for Father
Dcn Hipolito Vineland NJ Healing
SA USA Blessings
Manny miami Intercession
Richee Florida Financial Blessing
Mike New Orleans Pray for friends
Petr Podmolik Czech Republic intention
DAVID St.Petersburg, Florida KEEPING JOB
Gaynel Louisiana GUIDANCE
Gaynel Slidell Healing
JoAnn Florida Jodi
frank cesar philippines business transaction
Gwen Wichita, KS Miracle for Gwen
Jason California Grace
ewelina poland conversion
peter pewaukee job promotion
Michael Arkansas Healing
Anita Florida family peace
daniel san bernardino, calif familty in the western u s a
Anne Detroit, MI Healing and Wellness
Dan Todos Santos, BCS Dan Housing
Elia Aventura, Florida employment for my son
Elizabeth Milwaukee Successful Surgery
Mike Louisiana For the Arbour Family
Bernadette Tampa, FL For Healing
KIM MASSACHUSETTS, usa Heal Jonathan
Jason California For our family
Sabrina USA prayers
Tom Wisconsin prayers for next week
Matthew Blauvelt,NY Success of Surgery to stop seizures
Dorothy Washington Return to Church
Richee Florida A Successful Program
maria californai Jesuits Internationally
Nicole USA Emotional Healing
yolanda USA spiritual cleansing
Melanie Michigan cancer healing
Agnelo India prayer request
Jim USA Hopeless
Tara PA Please pray for a full healing for Roseann
Elaine Omaha, NE Pregnancy through Invitro
Michael Arkansas Healing
mary ann and may anne philippines succesful defense of our thesis pass the us visa v
may anne philippines oral exams and to grAduate this march
Diane Massachusetts Work
pamela india house return
thea usa special intention
Dee North America HEALING
Kusiyo Mongu, Zambia Debt Crises
Douglas Erie, Pa, USA cancer patient having surgery
an lv poor pet
Pete Bay Area Diagnosis
darlene USA Brain Tumor
Tom Wisconsin special intention
Nona Iloilo special intentions
Patti MA Patti
Joseph Florida Protection
Kathy ohio, usa Addiction
kathy usa Stop the Addiction
ann delaware Healing
Heather Kendall Houston Employment
doreen texas, usa Healing
Gaynel Slidell Employment
michelle uae employment
deb nj Prayer for Failing Marriage
f Canada Healing
Joanna Malaysia Legal Fees
michelle co healing
Sandra non US Reconciliation
Katarina Belgrade, Serbia PLEASE PRAY
f Canada healing
Sarah Stroud Object of prayer is from SC request for continued prayer
Chris San Diego, California Cancer and Vertigo
Andrew Syracuse, NY Prayer for Teens
desiree Australia life partner
Gaynel Slidell Direction
F Canada thank you
f canada healing
Michael Clayton,Ca Reconciliation of our marriage
mary boyertown pa cancer
lana usa pa my mark
lana usa pa my nephews
Adrian New York City Focus
Robbie MO. Love
Mary Pat USA Cancer Healing
Chuck NY Purity
anne Michigan Healing
Jane Boston Jesuits in Formation
Michael Arkansas Healing
Bill and Carol ohio. usa SLOW RECOVERY
mary lafayette la i thank you for already answering my prayer
F Canada healing
F Canada Healing
Joanna USA Healing from chestpains
Michael Arkansas Healing
judy USA Healing and help
Teresa Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Perpetual Mass
Joan USA healing for cancer
Tracy USA Calling
Tracy USA For Baby Benjamin
Michael Arkansas Healing
Dolores and Roberto El Paso, TX Healing
Mario and Manuela El Paso, TX Healing
Dolores El Paso, TX Healing
Jose El Paso, TX Health
Victor India To Write the Exams well
Victor India For All the Jesuits in Madurai Province
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Daughter
lana usa baby henry
Warren Jones Columbia SC Healing and Guidance
rebecca indiana,u.s.a. healing
karen usa for healing from cancer and recent surgery
kiran vyara,gujarat,india healing
gino mill valley, ca PRAYER FOR THE LOST
josefa philippines for a sucessful spiritual retreat
Michael Arkansas Healing
Joanna Malaysia Finance
Peigin San Rafael, CA Lost teen
mena Canada Healing
Joseph Florida Swift Justice
Mary New Orleans Healing
Mary New Orleans Healing
cherry philippines prayer for the soul
kevin usa need prayer bad
jasmine rawls usa help my family
mena Canada pray for my husband
Patrick USA Healing for ADHD
Alex Canada Conversions and repose of the soul
Nick NY Chastity
Manuel USA Healing
Robert California Healing of mental illness
Jeff van den Berg Netherlands Healing and strength
Fran Alberta, Canada Healing
Rommel Rivera Manila, Philippines personal intention
Michael Arkansas Healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
ralph michigan usa windfall
ralph michigan usa liz
Juanita RSA Marriage restoration
Judy USA Healing and help
Patti Grimm Pottstown PA spiritual
Joshua USA Addiction
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. Jonna
Asher Eugene Santa Rosa, CA Surgery fo baby
Pauline Cheyenne Wy USA Health
Joshua Bonjo Paoli, PA USA Joshua is in a coma
Kaitlyn NY, NY Mentor
Margarita Los Angeles, CA Heal her cancer
Daegan San Rafael, CA six week old baby
Michael Arkansas Healing
Jeff van den Berg Netherlands Healing baby
Lenie van Os Netherlands Strength to fight cancer
Lauren PA Teaching job
nirmala peter india marital problems
Pauline Cheyenne Wy USA Health
paul england scared
NIRMALA PETER india solve my marriage problems
Jim USA Hope and healing
RoseMarie Whitehall,Pa. USA Health
Tito Salvosa Philippines Healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
Schennel USA Marriage reconciliation
Lynne Louisiana health
nirmala peter charles india jesus to save our marriage
ANNE UK Health
hank ct, usa myself
Jesse USA marriage
Nona Philippines intentions
Voc Baton Rouge Healing
Patricia FLORIDA Healing
Fay Mexico Prosperity
lana usa my stomach
lana usa for mary
lana usa a godd christmas at phil and joann
Tonya Tampa Finances
michelle usa healing
Grace Philippines Prayer for Blessing in Work
Grace Philippines Prayer for Healing
Connie Dubai visa
Pauline Cheyenne Wy USA Healing
Jill USA Healing
Michael Arkansas Healing
Josiane italy Healing
j usa marriage
sheila kansas job
Laura England Protection and Peace
josephine nigeria liberation
Ira US removal of bad tenants
Sue Falconer, NY Marriage reconcillation
Tereza India sucess in exam
Michael Arkansas Healing
Jason Sierra Foothills, CA Justin and Andrew
Hazel Texas Healing and Devine Protection
lana usa daughters
jason usa healing
scott usa heALING
Jason CA Healing
kenneth a jeffersonville ,in salvation
Lni Texas about my job
Dennis Philadelphia healing
Teresa USA Employment
America Bozeman, MT, USA Health
Galina Kursk,Russia answered
Galina Kursk,Russia answered
Michael Arkansas Healing
Michelle Terryrown, LA Sell our home asap
Ann New Orleans Discernment
Ann New Orleans For Healing
Janet Pennsylvania, USA Healing
Brian Pennsylvania, USA Healing
joan usa Thanks for blessing
Galina Kursk,Russia vadim
Galina Kursk,Russia wiht tears
LB USA healing
Jill USA Protection
bill michigan work
David US Please pray for the HHH Hostel
Anne Australia for my husband Michael
Doreen Virginia, USA restoration of faith
AT Peru Healing and family restoration
Angie New York For divine protection and healing
valerie usa Peace
gary west seneca pray for my wife
Allen Maryland Peace
Galina Kursk,Russia wisdom
Galina Kursk, Russia requiem
Glenn Sri Lanka Inner Struggle
yaovi verona italy TO OPEN DOOR FOR ME
Carol USA continued healing from drug addiction
Carol USA for healing of cancer
jobins kerala,india to pass my exams
LITO Valenzuela, Phils. Thanksgiving
Galina Kursk,Russia amdg
Galina Kursk,Russia hosanna
Tee and Jeff Philadelphia, PA healing in the relationship of Tee and Jeff
Karl Leo Eltham, South London, UK Thankgiving
Kimberly Anne Valenzuela, Phils. For safe and normal delivery of my Daughter
Christian Philippines for our job
Dennis Philadelphia Pa Healing
Laura UK Protection From Violence
Pradipta INDIA Breast tumor
kasagara uganda Goodhealth and knowledge
Joan usa protection and guidance for grand children
Grace Philippines Thanksgiving
Grace Philippines Prayer for Guidance and Wisdom
Kath USA Healing of marriage
Monica Knoxville TN Clarity
Monica Knoxville TN Eternal rest
Denise Sherman Oaks, CA Healing
Joan usa Thanks for prayer
marian Perth Australia intentions
Raymond Kenner Bar Exam
d usa my son needs a job
d new orleans prayer for family
msp new orleans help me to pass my state boards in nursing
joan usa employment and comfort for my friend
Deepika India bright future
Deepika India find good job
Deepika India good studies
eva kewanee,il to stop drinking

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