The Official Magazine of the New Orleans Province

Below you will find downloadable copies of our magazine The Southern Jesuit that has been published in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. You will need to have the Acrobat Reader on your computer in order to view or print the magazine. If you do not already have it, the Reader is free and may be downloaded by using the button below.

Summer, 2014 edition featuring ordinations and the inauguration of the new province
Winter, 2013 edition featuring the renovated St. Charles College
Summer, 2013 edition featuring ordinations
Spring, 2013 edition featuring the spiritual exercises and retreat ministry
Fall, 2012 edition featuring the vocation of Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ
Summer, 2012 edition featuring ordinations
Winter/Spring, 2012 first joint publication of the Missouri and New Orleans Provinces
Fall, 2011 edition featuring the discovery of a previously unpublished photograph of Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J.

Fr. John Druhan, S.J. writes of his
friendship with Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J.

Four Jesuits reflect on their ordination to the priesthood.

Spring, 2011 edition featuring ordinations and novitiate formation
Fall, 2010 edition featuring the renovation project of St. Charles College
Spring, 2010 edition featuring the dedication of the joint Missouri-New Orleans Provinces' novitiate
Fall, 2009 edition featuring 100th anniversary of the St. Charles College building
Spring, 2009 edition with the Annual Report
Fall, 2008 edition
Spring, 2008 edition featuring the election of the Jesuits' new Superior General
Fall, 2007 edition featuring the Centennial of the New Orleans Province
Fall, 2005 edition featuring rebuilding efforts post-Katrina
Fall, 2004 edition featuring the visit of the Superior General, Fr. Kolvenbach

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